Local and remote employees can benefit from knowing their productivity is actively reviewed and coached for efficient and innovative uses of time. MedicTek has teamed-up with ActivTrak to allow employers to proactively monitor daily work habits of employees with login tracking, time spent working on tasks, and which applications / web-sites are in-use during the workday. Optionally, trend analysis and improvement suggestions can be recommended by the monitoring tools which allow management to focus those who may need some extra guidance to perform efficiently.

Why get ActivTrak from MedicTek as a reseller?

  • Trained, certified professional deployment to help minimize mistakes with configuration
  • Automated silent installation of ActivTrak agent using scripts with zero user interaction
  • Centralize monitoring of users and groups dedicated to your organization
  • Streamlined billing and accurate inventory of agents – new and retired units
  • Discounted pricing – usually less than most standard retail pricing