We can augment internal I.T. Resource(s) – Many of our clients have dedicated, internal I.T. staff who rely on MedicTek expertise to help them plan, deploy, and manage advanced I.T. technology. In addition, when internal staff are out of the office, it’s much easier to have experienced consultants who know the environment cover and handle day-to-day I.T. support needs.

We can be your dedicated I.T. department – Even if you don’t have dedicated staff for I.T., we assign familiar technicians who you’ll know by name and will be familiar with your I.T. environment. It’s like having your own I.T. Department right down the hall. We are reachable by phone, chat, and can assist instantly using our remote support software. It’s like having someone work with you over your shoulder with temporary views of your screen and mouse/keyboard inputs while in session.

We can help recruit and hire for your organization – In cases where it’s time to hire an additional or new resource specializing in technology, we can help by pre-screening, qualifying, and supporting the interview and onboarding process. Our technical staff have years of management experiencing finding and retaining the right talent. There are so many different categories of technical resources, it’s important to narrow-down the required area of expertise and match them with the qualified candidates. A successful hire is worth the up-front investment rather than finding out a hire wasn’t a good fit weeks, months, or years down the road.