Artificial Intelligence is necessary to to help ward-off would-be aggressors against your data and technology. Decades-old Anti-Virus applications are no longer sufficient. An end-point is a computer or device that interacts with the network. When all of the components of the end-point are monitored (applications, data-in, data-out, and protection against USB drives), collective data can be reviewed for anomalies – most attacks can be stopped from spreading further. We use CrowdStrike products to help protect organizations from the latest threats in real-time using patented machine learning via cloud-based A.I.

Why get CrowdStrike from MedicTek as a reseller?

  • Trained, certified professional deployment to help avoid configuration mistakes
  • Automated background installations that use custom scripts with zero user interaction
  • Centralize monitoring of threats with threat dashboard dedicated to your organization
  • Streamlined billing and accurate inventory of agents – new and retired units
  • Discounted pricing – usually less than most standard retail pricing

End User Education – This is an integral part of ongoing learning and requires sharing examples of how others have been “duped” or how easy a breach occured. Often these stories are interesting and even entertaining, but by making people aware how cyber attacks originate – it can help them slow down and question something happening in real time, rather than just brushing it off as being overly insecure or careful. The phrase “better safe than sorry” applies almost everywhere in Cyber-Security.