In all industries, practices and procedures must be tested with real-world scenarios – using routine and random scheduling. Penetration testing is a crucial step to ensure your network and devices are protected and secured as well as you think they are. Penetration testing is ideally done by a trusted impartial third-party so that results can be reviewed objectively and steps taken to remedy any findings.

Beware of other I.T. companies who offer a “free security analysis” for your systems. You wouldn’t give some random accountant the keys to your safe to count your cash receivables and give you a “report” – the same applies for your computer network. Do not give-out your administrator password or allow a company who is biased to review your security parameters. Those I.T. companies use this approach can be classified as predatory. They often use fear tactics and potentially unscrupulous methods to seek your business. An unknowing client could make a decision out of fear and end-up with an I.T. company that puts revenue over security.

We use penetration results to help secure areas that need work. We don’t hold those solutions as “hostage for hire.” Be wary of those “free security analyses” and high-pressure sale practices from more revenue-driven I.T. companies.