Our phone systems are as simple as plugging-in the phone, and making/receiving calls. We own/manage everything in-between and we handle the carrier relationship for unlimited domestic calling. The back-end VOIP hardware is hosted and managed 100% within our facility. You’ll enjoy having the same extension number at the office and at your home office. Our phone systems aren’t limited by the number of extensions or features – you can have all of the features that a Fortune 500 company has without the cost! We also handle the VOIP phone carrier relationship, transfer of phone numbers, and billing!

  • Grandstream is a U.S. based phone manufacturer, with support in Boston, MA
  • Yealink is a world leader in VOIP / Microsoft Integrated phone hardware
  • New phones can be included with NO UP-FRONT cost in your monthly service agreement
  • Phone numbers are automatically switched from your current carrier
  • We program all features and functions based on your needs
  • Automated Menus available, scheduled open/close times, custom greetings and options
  • Automatic, Customizable Music-on-Hold
  • Voicemail included with each extension – complete with e-mail when new VM received!
  • One-Extension Number follows you from home office, in-office, and your mobile app(s). You control how your extension rings and how you are available
  • Add as many extensions / locations as needed – other branch locations can dial by ext # and users can transfer calls to other extensions or cell phones
  • Softphone app for PC’s, Tablets, and smart phones – take your extension with you!
  • Optional door phone / remote lock release with camera view on the phone screen!
  • Optional FAX adapters for existing machines and/or convert faxes to PDF in e-mail
  • Optional Public Address / Paging Integration
  • Conference Bridge with unique meeting ID and passcode
  • Optional integration with Microsoft Teams

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