Work From Anywhere

Home, Office, or Travel

We make it easy to recognize your desktop layout from wherever/whenever you need to work because it’s the same desktop everywhere. Your icons, apps, file locations, printing resources are all accessible from the same desktop. This allows you to be productive no matter where or when you need to work.


Same Phone Ext. Everywhere

Our advanced business phone system allows you to be available at the same extension number from any location. Your office desktop phone, your home office phone, and your smart phone app all use the same extension number simultaneously. This way, people can reach you easily and more importantly, when you call out – the call always appears from the office caller ID, making it impossible to tell you are working from somewhere other than the office (other than maybe when the dog barks in the background).

FREE phone hardware when you sign-up for phone/video service

Don’t pay for a new phone system, when you sign-up for service with MedicTek, we include new phone hardware without up-front cost and you still own the hardware (it’s not a lease).


Commercial Wi-Fi Equipment

Whether you are working in a conference room at the office or in your corner office in a remote part of your house, solid connectivity is a must. We deploy the latest commercial Wi-Fi technology to eliminate “dead spots” where it shows you have a strong signal, but still have slow throughput. The signal strength is only part of the equation – the number and speed of the Wi-Fi channels, per device, must also be taken into account. Our network experts will use the most efficient, cost effective means to get your work areas secured with reliable internet.

Video Conferencing

High definition video and audio captures the human voice with in-person quality. The audio technology helps reduce background noise and sound distractions. Video technology has come a long way since the advent of the laptop webcam. Wide angle, light-adjusting video cameras are much more affordablehelp ensure everyone in the room can be seen and heard.


Track Your Company Vehicles

We install affordable GPS fleet trackers that track everything from current location, history of route stops, driver speed, detailed maps, fuel tax tracking, and even live video dash cam feeds of road and driver. This technology is great when you need to know where your technician, delivery person, or site personnel are at any given time. Video clips are automatically saved in the cloud for motion detected around the vehicle while parked and/or if a collision is detected.

Employee Timeclock Systems

A vast percentage of the workforce remains hourly. We can enable timekeeping technology that uses Face Recognition, Fingerprint, or proximity information to enable employees to clock-in and clock-out all while providing easy access for scheduling, payroll, and time-off tracking within a single cloud-based interface. The smart-phone app can make sure that employees can only clock-in or clock-out if they are at a specific location – such as a job-site, office, or home office. In addition, all employee time reports are compatible with most major payroll systems such as ADP, Paychex, Intuit, and many more.


Secure Remote Access

By now, most consumers have heard of VPN technology to help secure their computers when using the network. The reason VPN or encrypted remote connections are necessary is to help prevent bad actors from “listening in” on your communications to grab passwords, documents, and/or video and audio communications. Securing web sessions against non-business categories such as porn, hate speech, or other questionable areas of the internet is possible with our built-in background web screening. This helps prevent users from visiting known malware sites and/or insecure locations that are designed to harvest user ID’s and passwords.

Local Data Center

We have extensive resources available to our clients with a local data center which remains accessible 24-hours per day. What would you do if your current cloud provider goes out of business, is sued, or is taken over by another entity and things become questionable? With our co-location services, the servers are nearby with ISO-level fire protection, physical security, redundant power, and redundant Internet. Do you know where your data is stored? It's better to be sure you have access when you need it.

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