IT Support

Familar Technicians Assigned

How many times has your I.T. vendor sent someone “new” to your location who doesn't have a clue about your set-up? We believe that assigning technicians to work the same accounts leads to faster troubleshooting, better preventive maintenance, and a great relationship with our customers. Working with one or two assigned reps ensures you always know us on a first name basis and you can be comfortable to reach-out whenever needed.

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Secure Remote Access

We deploy remote access so that working from home or inside the office are nearly identical. We start with securing your internal network with commercial-grade firewall protection and PC software. We then enable users to securely connect remotely via VPN technology which is encrypted and helps prevent unauthorized access. Lastly, we help ensure the user can access their work desktop to easily locate files, applications, and printing resources from almost any remote location. Phone/video support are as seamless as a single extension number per user that works at any remote location, no matter where the user is logged on.

24-Hour Helpdesk

When you need help, we are there. We are fully staffed during normal business hours, but we also provide round-the-clock coverage for on-call service with a response time of 15 minutes or less and action immediately or in less than four hours. We track all requests in a customer-friendly ticket system which helps customers track time used and to reconcile with billing.


Computer Support

Our technicians specialize in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Servers, AppleOS, and Linux platforms including Android and iOS. Often, we can provide remote support immediately when you call. Our technicians have the ability to securely connect remotely to your desktop so you and the technician are seeing the same things on your screen(s). This helps us provide zero-wait support whenever possible and reduces our site visits by 80% or more. Normal priority remote support is recorded in 15 minute intervals, so you only pay for the time you need. On-site services are billed in hourly increments and can be easily scheduled or dispatched when needed.

Augment Existing I.T. Staff

Even if you have your own in-house I.T. Staff, many times it makes sense to augment your organizational skillset in case one or more members are overbooked or vacation/sick time affects availability. We can help review, document, and audit internal I.T. procedures to help your staff feel comfortable reaching-out to us for projects, support, coverage, and advice from our vast industry expertise.


Inventory and Asset Management

One of our first tasks when we are hired is to install software agents that automatically take inventory of your equipment and allow us to provide reports on demand for system hardware, user assignments, and to manage system upates and releases that are periodically required from manufacturers and software publishers.

IT Budgeting and Forecasting

We offer routine services to help you prepare your annual budgets with both short and long-term forecasting for hardware, support costs, and software subscriptions. We can easily provide this information using the automated inventory systems and snapshots of your current, recent past, and future projected staffing needs. IT costs are one of the largest expenses compared to employees and business overhead expenses. Because we can assist in planning your capital expenses as well as your IT expenses (which reduces your overhead when you outsource IT), the overall profitability is much more easily realized.

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Site Support

We assist with running voice/data cables, installing equipment like video conferencing, surveillance, building access automation (like buzz locks that can be operated remotely). We take inventory and forecast service life of nearly all IT components. This includes desktop equipment, network equipment, power back-up and data recovery options. Each item is assigned a common life-cycle expectancy and when replacement nears, we incorporate that into your budget planning. Our company fleet is managed by real-time GPS location so we can monitor and predict arrival times and determine best routes based on service locations.

IT Security

This is a vital role that we provide to our customers. Businesses are constantly at risk of malware or other bad actors that can completely disrupt operations. We help protect web browsing to avoid malware sites which are constantly updated in the background. We implement a multi-tiered strategy for filtering spam and malware out of e-mails and other notifications.


Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Do you have a basic recovery plan in place should your office become inaccessible due to disaster, emergency, or loss of infrastructure? We help clients plan for the unexpected by offering affordable total back-up systems with secure off-site storage for desktop files, server files, and operating system configurations. What if your office is attacked by a crypto-virus and all of your workstations become inaccessible at the same time? instead of considering a costly ransom payment, we would work to re-secure your environment and initiate a data recovery putting you back to the same point before the incident.